Graphic representation for a check engine light


Question – Doesn’t the computer tell you what’s wrong with my car?

Answer – Not often. The computer provides a code (or codes) that indicate an error but not exactly what the problem is. For example, a code for an Oxygen Sensor might be caused by a bad oxygen sensor, but it could just as easily be from a bad Air Flow sensor, or fuel pump or any other sensor or component causing a fuel mixture problem. In these cases, diagnostic testing is needed to identify the cause and corrective action needed.

Question – How much do you charge to diagnose my vehicle?

Answer – There is no single answer for this question. Diagnostic testing charges are based on the kind of failure, the amount of time required, the equipment needed, and the expertise required to determine the cause and corrective action needed. A list of the testing services we offer can be found here.

Question – If I have it fixed here does the Diagnostic Testing charge apply to the repair?

Answer – Diagnostic testing fees are separate from repair charges. Diagnostic testing is usually time consuming and requires experience, training and expensive equipment. Asking for “free” diagnostic testing is like asking your doctor to diagnose your illness and expecting him to pay for your MRI and other tests. We will never hide your diagnostic fees by adding into your repair, it will always be identified clearly on a line by itself.