Graphic representation for a check engine light

When the check engine light turns on, a fault code is registered in your vehicle’s system computer. This fault code gives information about the failure. We will connect a specialized computer to your vehicle (1996 and newer) and read the codes.   Additionally, there are other system faults which will not turn on the check engine light but will set codes which our computers will read. We provide you with both the code and the description for any codes found.

There is no charge for the computer scan service.   

However, while the computer code will sometimes indicate what repair is needed, most of the time the code indicates the area of the system failure, not necessarily what has failed or is malfunctioning.  For example, a code for an Oxygen Sensor might be caused by a bad oxygen sensor, but it could just as easily be from a bad Air Flow sensor, or fuel pump or any other sensor or component causing a fuel mixture problem.

In these cases, further diagnostic testing must be performed by qualified technicians and are needed to identify exactly what corrective action is needed.  A list of our diagnostic test services can be found here.