Is your engine performance declining?  Looking for a top-quality oil service with advanced protection? Look no further than our expert team! Our comprehensive EPR Oil Service includes:

  • Install BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration Cleaner
  • Changing your engine oil with only the highest quality oils and filters
  • Replacing your filter to ensure optimal engine performance
  • Lubricating your chassis to keep your car running smoothly
  • Performing a multi-point inspection to catch any potential issues before they become major problems
  • Topping off all your fluids to keep your car running at peak performance
  • Installing BG MOA® to keep your engine running like new

Trust our team to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.
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*Eligible for the BG Lifetime Protection Plan

BG MOA® prevents oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions.  It helps to prevent sludge buildup and reduces engine wear to provide superior long-lasting engine protection and helps maintain optimum engine performance. BG MOA® keeps piston ring belts, hydraulic lifters and other engine components clean to help extend engine life and reduce costs of operation. It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-based oils.

BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® softens, emulsifies, and dissolves even the most stubborn fuel gums that clog piston rings. It cleans micro passageways to maintain the critical hydraulic function of components. It removes carbon deposits, restores compression, lowers tailpipe emissions, and reduces oil consumption by restoring ring function.