A power steering pump maintains the pressure on the hydraulic system, which uses power steering fluid to control the movements of valves and pistons, which makes turning the wheel easier. Over time, the fluid gets contaminated as hoses and metallic parts of the hydraulic system deteriorate and lose small particles to the fluid which causes seals in the system to leak and components to eventually fail.
Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?
• Groaning or whining noise from the power steering pump
• Squealing or whining noise when turning the steering wheel
• Difficulty in turning the steering wheel
• Contaminated (brown/black) Fluid
The BG Power Steering Service flushes the entire power steering system, and the old, oxidized and contaminated fluid is removed and replenished with new fluid without entrapment of air within the components. This service will remove abrasive wear metal and debris that grind away at valves and seals.
*Eligible for the BG Lifetime Protection Plan
BG Lifetime Protection Plan
The Solution:
                      SERVICE BENEFITS
   Alleviates steering squeal and helps in quieter operation
   Helps prevent leaks by keeping the seals soft & pliable
   Reduces wear & prevents steering from becoming noisy
   Increases the life of steering system components
   Prevents new fluid from oxidizing
   Corrects jerky or hard steering