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If your car has been under water while it was parked don't just try to start it!  Attempting to start the engine without some precautions may ruin the engine.

First, remove the spark plugs, make sure the air filter is dry and check the oil (make sure it doesn't have water in it).  Some of the systems are sealed and will be fine, some may have taken on water despite the fact that they're supposed to be sealed, so it is best to check before attempting to start the car.

Once you've confirmed the air filter is dry, there’s no water in the oil and the spark plugs have been removed, try to crank it over. After cranking it over several times put the spark plugs back in and then try to start it again.

If the engine didn't turn with the spark plugs out then you have a problem, electrical or mechanical. If you drove into water and the engine died your odds are less than if the car was parked. Either way, good luck.